AR500 Backpack Armor Insert

AR500 Backpack Armor Insert

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Provide IIIA Handgun rated protection to your backpack with our S2 Backpack Insert: this bullet-resistant backpack panel will protect the wearer from most pistol threats, stopping the rounds used in 95% of shooting incidents. Flexible and weighing less than 2 pounds, you can wear this armor insert for long periods of time without noticing it.


A backpack is one of the best ways to carry your gear, and with the S2 IIIA soft armor insert from Armored Republic, it can now double as a source of everyday protection. Rated to Level IIIA, this panel is able to stop multiple rounds of .44 Magnum @ 1440 FPS and all lesser threats, meaning it’s capable of addressing just about anything a criminal can conceal on them while in public. This panel is able to be put in the laptop pocket or main compartment of most backpacks on the market. At 15” inches tall and 11” inches wide, this panel provides a larger protective footprint than a plate carrier. The backpack can be worn as normal to provide back side coverage, or worn in the front if needed. At only 1.52 LBS the S2 backpack insert can be worn by anyone of any age.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there such a thing as a bulletproof backpack? No, nothing is bulletproof. Backpacks are bullet-resistant and are designed to stop specific threats mitigated by the various armor that is put in the bag.
  • What can level 4 armor stop? Can a level 4 plate be put in an armored backpack? Level IV per the NIJ’s 0101.06 standards are rated to stop a single 30-06 M2 AP projectile fired at 51’ away, at a velocity of 2,880 FPS. This rating is NOT for multiple hits of this threat or lesser threats. Typically speaking, a level IV plate will stop a single bullet from most rifle threats and their AP counterparts. Yes, all Phoenix and Firebird armored backpacks made by Armored Republic have a dedicated laptop compartment that will house a level IV insert, or any of our other primary armor inserts in a 10” x 12” size (A1, A2, A3, P2, and C2).
  • What are bulletproof backpacks made of? A backpack is bullet-resistant, not bulletproof since no one backpack insert can protect the wearer from all threats. A bullet-resistant backpack either has the armor sewn into the lining or an insert to place it in. Most backpacks have a soft armor panel since it is lighter weight (1-3 lbs) while steel, ceramic, and UHMWPE (polyethylene) can all be added to protect against rifle threats.
  • Can a bulletproof vest stop an AK-47? There is no such thing as a bulletproof vest/armor- only bullet-resistant. Body armor cannot protect the wearer from every threat as each piece of armor is designed to stop specific levels of threats. Learn more by reading about National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standards in our Knowledge Base. An AK-47 and its 7.62x39 rounds are addressed by all level 3 and higher plates.
  • What level of armor stops an AR-15? Since level 3 does not address all cartridge types and barrel lengths used by the AR-15, level 3 plus and level 4 are recommended to address all 5.56 threats. Armored Republic’s A1, A2, and A3 steel alloy plates are all level 3 plus rated and protect against additional threats such as:
    • A1 Body Armor: 7.62x39 @ 3,000 FPS, .223 5.56 M193/M855 penetrators @ 3,200 FPS and /.308 WIN rounds @ 3,000 FPS.
    • A2 Body Armor: 7.62x39 at 2,850 FPS. Not rated for AP rounds.
    • A3 Body Armor: 7.62x39mm M43 (penetrator) at 2380 FPS, 5.56 M193 at 3,250 FPS, and 5.56 M855 (penetrator) at 3,145 FPS


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